Six BiH companies transitioning to green business models


Sarajevo, 01 December 2022: At the event “Green transition of SMEs in BiH” organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), six companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, registered in the metal and wood sector, signed contracts awarding them with grant funds for the introduction and implementation of green business models into production processes. 

The event was organized as part of the Green Recovery component of the “COVID-19 Investment Response” project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The gathered representatives of competent institutions, the private sector, higher education institutions and green economy experts discussed the possibilities and challenges of the green transformation of export-oriented companies in the metal and wood sectors of BiH. 

“It is necessary to further develop the legislation in BiH in order to provide resources for waste management. Business associations and decision-makers, competent ministries and other actors, should all work on this. We expect that in the coming period we will continuously work on the transition from a linear to a circular economy, which entails the rational use of resources while protecting nature. Bosnia and Herzegovina needs this”, said Zdravko Marinković, president of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and expressed his satisfaction that the Chamber is part of this project. 

Applying green economy principles is important in order for SMEs to adapt more effectively to current and future environmental requirements, especially in their export markets in the European Union. That is why GIZ wishes to support companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina through grants, in order for them to introduce and implement green business models in the next 12 months.

Adrijana Marić, manager of the Green Recovery component, spoke about the plans and activities that will be implemented by August 2024, and explained that the objective of the component is to strengthen the capacity of private and public actors to support the green transformation in the metal and wood sector in BiH.

“Through the Public Call, together with the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have selected these companies which, through energy and resource efficiency measures, will implement an environmental protection management system and improve waste management practices during the next year. We are happy to have supported this project, which is also important for the German economy”, explained Adrijana.

The six companies that signed the contracts are ALU-POINT d.o.o. and LimSar d.o.o. from Sarajevo, Bosnian Beech Board d.o.o. Visoko, Export Fenestar d.o.o. Banja Luka, EMERUS d.o.o. Široki Brijeg and Ramex d.o.o. Kladanj. 

Emina Bilalović, representative of the company Bosnian Beech Board from Visoko, believes that this project has come at the right time and that it is of multiple importance, both from the ecological aspect in terms of the use of renewable energy sources, and from the financial aspect. 

 “We export over 90 percent of our products, mostly to the Western European market, and we strive to make our products stand out for their quality, and our work for flexibility and responsibility. With this support, we plan to build a solar power plant to produce electricity for our own needs,” said Bilalović.

What effects the mentioned activities will have on the BiH economy itself was discussed at the meeting. The introduction of resource and energy efficiency in the production cycle, sustainable supply of primary and secondary raw materials, decarbonization and reduction of emissions, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies with a low level of emissions, would significantly improve and strengthen the domestic economy. Investing in green transformation and the creation of green skills affects the increased efficiency of production, the preservation of existing and the creation of new jobs, as well as the competitiveness of companies.

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