EU4 Business Recovery and the Green component strengthen the capacities of partner institutions with a focus on green economy


In order to strengthen the capacities of institutional partners towards a green transition, the EU4BussinesRecovery project and its Green Recovery component organized two-day interactive trainings titled “Capacity building and support in strategic planning with a focus on Green Economy”, attended by: 

  • 27 partners of competent ministries and the Chamber of Foreign Trade at the first module held from 14 to 16 September in Jahorina, and
  • 15 partners of the relevant ministries and the Chamber of Foreign Trade at the second module held from 09 to 11 November in Mostar. 

Development strategies – green and circular economy

Economy implies a reasonable use of resources, while care for green economy entails a reasonable use of natural resources and a shift towards sustainable development that ensures a fairer distribution and management of natural resources. Capacity building expert Jurij Kobal, at the training organized by GIZ, introduced the training participants to the basic principles of green transition and recovery, and circular economy, and presented existing policies related to the green economy as well as examples of circular economy business models. 

The training was also focused on the development strategies of partner institutions with a focus on sectoral approaches to green economy. An analysis followed which showed that in the EU4BR strategic documents of partner institutions, certain guidelines were given towards the green and circular economy, but that it is necessary to adequately set indicators and refine strategic documents concerning green recovery.

Recommendations for the improvement of strategic documents are given in the form of eight reports based on the analysis of strategic documents proposed by partner institutions of the EU4BRecovery project. Through discussions, the participants came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a policy mix, since the strategies that were analysed are not the only answer to the existing challenges. One of the conclusions is that coordination among policy strategies is key, both among departments and among different participants in its implementation process.

Distribution of knowledge to the private sector

As part of the training, the educational module titled “Green economy – Train the trainer” was developed, which the representatives of partner institutions will further use in the distribution of knowledge from the green and circular economy to the private sector in order to transfer knowledge and raise awareness among companies.

The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Government of the RS, the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, the Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Government of the RS, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Government of the RS, the Government of Brčko District (Department for Economic Development, Sports and Culture) and the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will apply the newly acquired knowledge in their further work.  

The EU4BusinessRecovery project supports partner institutions at state and entity level to build capacities to understand European practices and improve skills in three key areas: green economy, strategic planning for green economy and team management. It is worth 13.7 million euros and is jointly financed by the European Union (13 million euros) and the Federal Republic of Germany (700 thousand euros), and is implemented by GIZ, ILO and UNDP. Its Green Recovery component implemented in BiH by GIZ, on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany, is worth 2.29 million euros and strengthens the capacities of private and public actors to support green transformation in selected sectors at three levels. 

For more information about the EU4BusinessRecovery project and the Green Recovery component:

Mirna Mekić, Communications Specialist at GIZ

Tel: +(387) 33 564 533 or 061 699 853

Email: [email protected]

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