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The need for new circular ways of doing business and green production processes is increasingly present in the practice of BH companies. Such a need was imposed as a result of global trends that spill over from developed markets to smaller economies, so they consequently adapt to new trends, wanting to stay “in the game”.

Aware of the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to defend its economic interests only if it acts according to the same principles, the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been actively involved in these transition processes of the BH economy since the signing of the Sofia Declaration in November 2020, recognizing the potential of green value chains in in terms of creating new competences, strengthening the competitiveness of export potential, maximum use of internal resources, waste reduction, environmental protection and, of course, the creation of new jobs.

The functional legislative framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels of government is a prerequisite for the implementation of the circular economy system, which was recognized in the conclusions of numerous meetings of chamber associations of businessmen, round tables and conferences.

Continuous education of businessmen in the field of circular economy is an important prerequisite for achieving goals, which is why the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a meeting place for such events for many years.

Supporting companies in the process of “greening” often entails concrete and specific tasks such as the introduction of technical standards in production, finding new sales and procurement channels, business networking, etc. and this is exactly the daily activity of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Together with its members, the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has started the process of transitioning the economy to new ecological, sustainable ways of doing business, striving for excellence in all fields. We’re glad you’re part of the story!

This particularly applies to the integration of local companies into regional supply chains targeting the European market, which goes hand in hand with the need to respect quality, environmental and social standards. The COVID-19 pandemic even reinforces the importance of transformation partners like BiH, as companies operating internationally are changing their supply chains and, in some cases, moving them closer to the EU to avoid supply bottlenecks and increase security of supply during crises.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a partner in the project of the COVID-19 Investment Response component of Green Recovery. The Green Recovery component, as part of the ongoing COVID-19 Investment Response project, aims to provide financial and technical support towards strengthening the capacity of private and public actors to support green recovery in the wood and metal processing sector.

In this sense, the support provided by Green Recovery focuses on three main areas of intervention:

  • Support in the development and piloting of green business models (micro-level interventions)
  • Support for meso-level institutions to fulfill their role and mandate in public-private dialogue. (expressing the needs of the private sector to public bodies)
  • Support to government institutions at the state and entity level (intervention at the macro level)

With the financial support of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany (2.25 million euros), the component is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH from January 2022 to August 2024.

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